For employers

M&A Work company provides employment service according to any requirement of the employer. Currently M&A Work experts use direct search, search in regions, recruiting, and mass selection of personnel according to any requirements of the employer. We have a ready database of candidates’ CVs from any field, and it grows every day.

The main stages of our  work:

  • Quick and quality search and selection of professionals;
  • Psychological and physical evaluation of the candidate, close check and analysis of the compliance with the employer’s requirements;
  • Provision of the candidate with complete information on the future work conditions;
  • Generation of the candidate’s personal file for the position;
  • Organization of the interview between the employer and the candidate;
  • Preparation of a full package of documents for travelling to work;
  • Customer support and provision of information after the employment in a foreign country.

M&A Work company provides employment service and thoroughly check information about the candidate. Our terms of remuneration aren’t suitable for some of our clients, but reducing the number of potential workers, we increase their quality.

We gain confidence that our personnel are motivated and ready to work off the invested money.

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